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Visit the Amsterdam Castle in traditional Dutch fashion.

The famous Amsterdam Castle is situated at the estuary of the river Vecht, right where the river flows into the former Southern Sea (the huge lake that forms the deep, blue heart of the Netherlands).

It goes without saying that the best way to visit this beautiful landmark from the medieval ages, is by sailing ship -- not just any sailing ship, but one of the few traditional barges still sailing on Dutch waters.

Embarking will take place in the port of Amsterdam. Experience a spectacular sailing tour across the "Ij'' (the river that cuts through the very center of Amsterdam), through the huge "Oranjesluizen" Locks and under the impressive Bridge that connects the North of Amsterdam to the rest of the city. We'll then make our way to Lake Markermeer, known in the "golden age of sailing" as the "Southern Sea."

rijksmuseum-muiderslotDuring your trip you are free to join in any of the ship-related activities, from hoisting the large white sails to trying you skills as a helmsman, all with the help of our experienced crew. As the ship smoothly glides across the vast blue openness of the Markermeer, you will be treated to drinks and refreshments throughout the trip.

When we reach the Amsterdam Castle, we will make port in the historic little city of Muiden, a city with a history as rich and colorful as Amsterdam Castle's. The sailing trip will grant you a unique opportunity to view this picturesque Dutch fortress-city from the water.

Shortly after arriving, you will be brought to the Amsterdam Castle. In Muiden, the castle is known as "The Muiderslot," which loosely translates into Muider Lock, referring to its strategic position on land.

After having enjoyed the rich history of the castle and its endless beautiful gardens, you will once again board the ship. The sails will be hoisted once more, and we will let the wind gently blow us back to our port of destination.

This program can be offered with a variety of harbor destinations. Among the possibilities are Central station in the heart of Amsterdam, the old fishing village of Volendam, Muiden, or the beautiful example of Dutch craftsmanship, Ijburg -- a residential neighborhood situated in the IJ Lake and built on artificial islands which have been raised from the lake.

The length and details of this program are flexible. The Muidercompagnie always tries to offer a program that suits our client best. If there are certain aspects of the program that you would like to see changed, or if you would like to add something to the schedule, we will always be willing to discuss any wishes that you might have.

Excited at the prospect of a day of relaxing on one of our traditional sailing ships, while visiting several of Holland's most beautiful places? Feel free to contact us any time, and we will discuss your wishes. We will then design a complimentary proposal for your event.

We hope to see you soon.





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De Muider Compagnie wordt gerund door Menno Hoekstra en zijn vrouw Julia Last. Naast boekingskantoor zijn wij scheepseigenaar. Dat betekent altijd korte communicatielijnen en dus optimale betrokkenheid bij onze klanten. We staan dan ook persoonlijk garant voor excellente service en uitvoering van uw vaartocht. Kwaliteit staat hoog in ons vaandel. Niet voor niets is ons motto ´klasse apart”. 

Wij zijn gelukkig als uw dag een feest is geweest en uw verwachtingen heeft overtroffen. Tot ziens aan boord!

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