Hire one of our boats for a wonderful day’s sailing. Our sailing ships are built to uncompromising standards for your day cruise. Because there are no cabins, the entire space is available for you and your party to enjoy. Besides a roomy lounge you will also find a snug bar on board. Even during less fine weather, there is still plenty of room aboard. With De Muider Compagnie you can choose from a trio of sailing ships that are full of character.

The ‘Utrecht’ is the only ship in the style of a Dutch East India Company available for hire on a daily basis for genuine sailing cruises. You too are warmly invited to take the helm of this splendid stately yacht. Can you imagine a more romantic location for your wedding, or for your company or product presentation? The ‘Utrecht’ is also for hire in the winter as a unique location for business meetings. The boat then lies at her moorings near the Jaarbeurs Exhibition Halls in Utrecht and can accommodate up to 27 people.

The ‘Utrecht’ is a photogenic ship. Everywhere you look, you will discover new details. Look for instance at the red lion with the city’s coat of arms, the river gods on the freeboard and the lantern on the high castle deck. Take a closer look by clicking on the images on the left.

For more information about the state yacht the ‘Utrecht’ and her history please visit http://www.statenjacht.nl.


This beautifully restored Tjalk type yacht - a flat-bottomed boat with gaff rig and leeboards - has been stylishly fitted out with many classic features. She offers a comfortable space for business meetings and is an ultra-cosy ship for any celebration. The ‘Egelantier’ can accommodate 45 people on a day cruise, or 70 people at her mooring in harbour, she is first and foremost a sailing ship, with excellent sailing qualities and a gentle seakeeping character.
The history of the ‘Egelantier’ (The Sweet Briar) goes back a long way, to 1899 to be precise. The ship was originally built as a cargo carrier and for decades she plied the Dutch coast and lakes, rivers and canals. The ‘Egelantier’ was converted into a day sailer in 1996 and so began her second youth. Click on the images on the left to have a look around.


The ‘Rederijker’ (a word play with the Dutch word for shipping company, rederij and the Dutch word for rich, rijk) is so comfortable and finished in such fine detail that the name ‘Tjalk’ does not really do her justice. She is a Tjalk type yacht with a classic air. Everyone feels at home aboard, from a business meeting to a family celebration or wedding party. The ‘Rederijker’ can accommodate up to 55 guests, even 75 when she is moored in harbour. The builders of this ship paid particular attention to her good sailing qualities. She has a gloriously spacious day cabin where light streams in from every direction. From the large cockpit you can walk straight into the long bar. You look across the water as you survey her complete interior. A high gunwale, plus stability in the water, make the ‘Rederijker’ perfect for parties. Click on the left for some glimpses on board.

We offer a choice of packages for every budget, every occasion and every customer. De Muider Compagnie has a suitable option for you.

Evening Sailing Arrangements (from €67.00 per person)
What better way could there be to enjoy a pleasant evening than on board a splendid yacht on the Marken Lake? While the ship tacks, you can admire the setting sun with your colleagues or have a sociable chat with business relations around the tiller, while at the same time keeping a close eye on the correct course with the crew. This special evening tour starts at 7pm and finishes at 11pm, during which time you will be thoroughly spoilt by the crew of these beautiful boats.

Gouwzee Package (from €80.00 per person)
You will receive a warm welcome on one of our boats in Muiden at 9 o’clock in the morning. Coffee and tea with warm Dutch apple cake await you. After a brief introduction, when the captain talks about the ship and her crew, we cast off and hoist the sails, heading across the IJsselmeer in the direction of Volendam, Marken or Monnickendam. Here we make land and stroll through a traditional Dutch village.

Tour of historic Muiden and Pampus Island (from €97.00 per person)
This package offers everything that makes Muiden so special, combining a sailing cruise with a number of tourist highlights in this beautiful old IJsselmeer seaside town. You will sail on an admiralty launch from Holland’s seventeenth-century Golden Age, the fantastically decorated stately yacht ‘De Utrecht’, which will carry you on a visit to the fortress of Pampus Island.

Exclusive Meeting Packages (from €75.00 per person)
Stylish and professional. Our fleet is not only suitable for fantastic sailing trips; it is also perfect for hosting meetings. There is more than enough space for various conference layouts to accommodate your needs. Audio-visual equipment is also available. We offer a real challenge for the mind, body and your team, combined with a genuine sailing experience.

Custom-made Sailer Cruises (price on request)
De Muider Compagnie also offers packages that are entirely tailored to your needs. With these you can fulfil your own ideal of how a sailing trip should be.

Getting married on a Muider Compagnie boat (from €110.00 per person)
Your wedding day is the most beautiful day of your life. Why not celebrate it in one of the most enjoyable places in the Netherlands? Muider Compagnie sailboats are exceptionally suited for a wedding on water because Muiden City Council has licensed all our classic sailing ships for official civil marriage ceremonies. Rightly so, since ‘getting spliced’ on one of our romantic, comfortable ships will guarantee a smooth passage on the biggest day of your life in a fitting and unforgettable ambiance.

Just Plain Sailing (from €67.50 per person)
If you don’t require one of the other packages but just want to sail where the wind blows, we can arrange that too. At De Muider Compagnie you can hire a ship for budget day sailer cruises, standard day sailer cruises and luxury day sailer cruises, depending on the desired level of catering.

In the wake of the Dutch East India Company (from €85.00 per person)
You are welcomed on board from 9 o’clock in the morning in Muiden with a cup of coffee or tea and a piece of Muider Cake. We will then show you around the boat and head out from Lelystad. You will enjoy a delicious lunch en route before we berth close to Batavia Wharf, where an expert guide will take you on a tour of the wharf. Here you can view the replica of the ‘Batavia’, a triple-masted merchantman originally built in 1628. On this guided tour you can witness the construction of Admiral Michiel de Ruyter’s original flagship, the ‘Zeven Provinciën’.

All prices include VAT, subject to printing errors and variations regarding times, ships, numbers of passengers and the desired level of catering.


Day Cruises
Possibilities are endless with De Muider Compagnie. If you would like just to enjoy sailing where the wind takes you, then our day cruises are for you. For a clear indication of prices, please choose one of the following:
Budget Day Cruises - From €67.50 per person
Standard Day Cruises - From €80.00 per person
Luxury Day Cruises - From €88.00 per person

Half-day Cruises
You don’t have a whole day free? In that case, our afternoon and evening cruises are for you. Half-day Cruises - From €67.00 per person

Or select one of our packages. Each of our packages is based on a special theme, place or event. You may select from one of the following:
Business Packages - From €80.00 per person
Private Packages - From €67.50 per person

Custom-made Day Sailer Cruises
Do you have your own idea for a day’s sailing? De Muider Compagnie also offers individually designed day cruises so you can decide entirely for yourself how to realise your ideal cruise. There are so many possibilities with De Muider Compagnie.

Over de Muider Compagnie

De Muider Compagnie wordt gerund door Menno Hoekstra en zijn vrouw Julia Last. Naast boekingskantoor zijn wij scheepseigenaar. Dat betekent altijd korte communicatielijnen en dus optimale betrokkenheid bij onze klanten. We staan dan ook persoonlijk garant voor excellente service en uitvoering van uw vaartocht. Kwaliteit staat hoog in ons vaandel. Niet voor niets is ons motto ´klasse apart”. 

Wij zijn gelukkig als uw dag een feest is geweest en uw verwachtingen heeft overtroffen. Tot ziens aan boord!

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